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About The Festival

This is the inaugural year of the Jesup Film Festival. The Jesup Film Festival was created to give filmmakers in South Georgia a way to get eyes on their work. However, the festival is for filmmakers all around the world too. What makes the Jesup Film Festival unique is that we have two legitimate movie theaters that all of the films will be screened at. Your film won't be getting screened in a ballroom or in some questionable building. It will be screened in real theaters. The first is The Historic Strand Theater and the second is The Jesup Drive-In Theater. 2023 is our first year but we look forward to having many more. We hope you will be there with us.


Film Theater

Films from independent filmmakers will be screened Friday and Saturday. We will have many categories of films including Horror Shorts, Comedy Shorts, Drama Shorts, Animated Shorts, Feature Films, and more. Saturday night awards will be given out to the best films., and



Seminar #1  

Film Producing

Seminar #2  

Writing in the Film Industry with Yamma Brown

Seminar #3  

Life of an Extra with Helena Chavez

At this seminar you will learn the process of producing a film. The speaker will talk about his experience in the industry and then there will be a Q&A.

Yamma Brown is the daughter of the late singer James Brown. She has experience writing in the film industry. She also helped produce Get On Up in 2014. She will tell you about her experience writing in the film industry.

Have you ever wanted to act? One of the best ways to start is to be an extra. Helena Chavez will share her experience being an extra on shows like Fear the Walking Dead and The Girl From Plainville.


Parties and Festivities

Red Carpet Entrance

There will be opportunities for filmmakers to network and guests to have fun both nights at The Jesup Drive-In. There will be musical performances, haunted forest, horror themed activities, and more.

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